Wildwood : Hearthfire & Father’s Day

In time for Father’s Day, we look at the Wildwood’s Hearthfire and why dad’s are important. This post is a little late this week but with Father’s Day fast approaching, it is rather synchronistic that the card I pulled from The Wildwood shows eight male friends in celebration of either a hunt or harvest. They’ve […]

Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels

Today the card of the day is the Eight of Vessels with the keyword of “Rebirth”. And after spending this evening taking care of scheduled readings, I get to relax a little before heading to bed. But it’s funny, in a synchronistic kind of way, that the card for today is “rebirth”, given that today […]

Wildwood COTD : Eight of Bows

It’s a Thursday and very quickly today, I already have a feel for the card that has come up for us: it’s the Eight of Bows with the keyword of “Hearthfire”. As you can see from the image, there’s eight battle ready, hunting trained comrades celebrate together of an evening, after a hunt or a […]

Wildwood COTD : Eight of Vessels

Today, the start of the weekend, we have the Eight of Vessels, with the keyword of Rebirth showing up to join us today. Today, certainly promises to be that as we visit relatives in preparation for their birthday. Also, with it being the first day of the weekend, we have lots of things we can […]

Wildwood COTD : Eight of Arrows

There must be something about the eights that I need to pay attention to, for this card, the Eight of Arrows,  has joined me again this month, the last time being the 3rd of July. It was nice, walking around the park, being able to pick a card of the da However, nature decided to […]

Wildwood COTD : Eight of Stones

Today is the day I start reading at the new venue of Sanctum Therapies. I’m excited and nervous, but the Wildwood is reminding me to calm down and manifest that energy into practical use, by revealing the Eight of Stones. This is one my Cards for the Month, specifically the one in the position of: […]

Wildwood COTD : Eight of Bows

It’s a Tuesday but the Wildwood has other ideas about knuckling down to work today! For some reason, it’s decided today is the day to have a wee party! Where’s my invitation, huh? Oh, it’s for the men folk, the hunters. Not the women gatherers. Bah! But is The Wildwood that stereotypical? I somehow doubt […]

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