The Wildwood : How can it be Syncretic?

Hermatic Tarot

Is it necessary for the Tarot to be syncretic? This was a question that I received from the Twitter-verse. Being honest, I had to look up the meaning of the word, syncretic when it was first posed to me. And

Wildwood : Because I’m Happy

This week, I pulled The Ten of Vessels from The Wildwood and immediately, I have Pharrell Williams song in my head. Oh, boy! Okay, so it’s the first thing that comes into your head, given the keyword, but this week,

19th June: Thank You, TABI

19th June: Thank You, TABI

It is nice to be thanked and it is even to see gifts you’ve made, given or received, being appreciated. It’s nice to say, thank you. Sometimes, you can’t see the gift being appreciated, for it needs to grow, of

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