Father’s & Lithia

Father’s Day, Litha, Full Moon, our British Astronaut comes home and goodness knows what else, all in the space of 48 hours.  Back on Mother’s Day (UK time), I created this spread for our wonderful mum’s. It can be used

Career Path – Is This The Right Path?

We’re often stuck in our career as much as we are in general life, sometimes more so! What  happens when you’re not sure if you’re on the right career path? Let me offer you a reading on that subject. We

Listen for the Controlling Hidden Emotions

I asked the Wildwood for advice for this coming week. It’s response was humorous! Listening to the controlling hidden emotions can be a journey and if you want help to listen to yours, come and book your private consultation. The

Change for the Tarot Academy

The Tarot Academy are moving locations as of December’s Meet Up. I’m looking forward to the change, having a new home where we can grow and expand. Hallo Barlow Mow! Change is never easy and adapting to change when it’s

Wildwood : Follow the Path

Path working is hard work and taking Tarot advice as you walk along life’s winding road, can be a good thing. If you want to know, ask. If you don’t want to know, avoid asking. This week, I’ve taken the

Wildwood : Still as a….

This week, Captain Still, the King of Vessels himself, the Heron, stops by my little Wildwood corner. But he’d better keep his beak out of my fish pond! Several years ago, a Heron properly emptied my fish pond, bar one

Wildwood : Call to Action

Even though I’m yawning my head off, the King of Stones is calling me to into action. Tired?! Ha! That’s for wimps! (NOT!) I’m one of these creatures that requires eight hours sleep, per day or more! However, the last

Wildwood : Court-ly Advise

This week, I’ve pulled a three card reading from the Wildwood and for the first time in a long time, every card is a court. Crumbs! Courts can be a royal pain in the bum. They can represent other people,

Wildwood : Weekend vLog & Decisions

The weekend is nigh and I slide under the barrier for posting any cards beyond the Blog Hop this week as if I were scoring in a rounders / baseball game. There’s a decision to be made but how swiftly

Wildwood CotD : King of Arrows

It’s Sunday and we have the King of Arrows come out and join us. If you wanted someone today who was straight talking, could give honest advice and be totally direct in delivering it, this is the card. This is

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