Thank You For Being A Friend

Thank you for being a friend, says I.

Who are your friends? What do you expect of them? What do they expect of you? My 78 friends of The Wildwood are there to help me and with them, I can help you.

Friends are a miracle of human existence. We can get along perfectly well with one person or a specific group, then wish to harm the next that we encounter.

It’s amazing that we are the dominant species on the planet, given that we’re able to hurt and main one another for holding this belief or that belief. I really don’t think religion comes into being a decent human being. Before the Romans, before Christianity, how did we live? Probably the same way we do now. We fought to survive, we created communities so we could aid one another. We found a strength in numbers.

friendThese two anthropomorphic beings have found an attraction to each other, through ask the diversity and strife of life. It’s said that Zeus split our hearts in two, so that we were weaker. As a whole inside the same body, we were too strong. Not quite sure I believe that, but I’m willing to accept that somewhere along the line, we got complacent and without the challenge and strife, we’d wither away. (Queue your Firefly – Serenity story line here.)

We strive on. We carry on and with the help of friends, we get through. There are SO many great songs (Little Help From My Friends (The Wonder Years), Thank You For Being A Friend (Golden Girls)) that could be linked to this card: I only picked two to get you going! What other songs can you connect / link to this card? Comment below, let me know!

This card’s message is saying: Connect as a friend first and foremost. Remember to be a friend to yourself first too! Being a friend to your partner, as well as their lover, can be of a great help.

With many blessings,


Wildwood : Bridge The Gap

This week, we’re going to bridge the gap for the Story Board. Katie at my Tarot group came up with this gem about a year ago. We call it “The Bridge Spread” and here’s how it works.

We all find ourselves at a place where we need to build a bridge, but how?! Working out where you’re coming from, where you want to be, then working out how to connect the two, can help!

This week, I asked: What do I need to build a bridge over? Using The Wildwood app, I pulled these three cards. The card on the left is the Starting Point and this week, we have the Four of Vessels. I’m not bored, but I am in a cycle of wasted energy. Like most people in England’s green and pleasant land, there are thousands of parents waiting for the kids to go back to school. For some, it cannot come soon enough! I’m not bored, but I find doing things with the three kids in tow, almost impossible. These tasks do include doing the weekly shopping, going for blood tests, even visiting the doctors, is hard work!

The Destination is the Ace of Bows, the card on the right. I am looking for a spark, divine intervention. No, I’m not looking someone to sweep me away from this life, not even for a day! I am looking for my muse, my own spark. Being worn out does mean I’m not engaging as I would normally like to be. Perhaps that comes across as bored, but I think worn out is more accurate!

The Bridge is what to do to join the two together. See that wonderful middle card? It’s saying have fun! Seek out and find my Joy! (And I now have Arwen’s voice saying that in my head!) So, get out, let my hair down and feel like a woman! (Shania Twain). I am sure though that I am not the only one that needs to let my hair down and chill out.

I did a pretty good job of that last night, with a bottle of wine, one of my best friends and crafting birthday cards for my very soon to be nine-year old! It was good to just chill out and not fret about things. Okay, so I’ve a birthday cake to bake, but since that’s fairly simple (and not as complicated as he originally wanted!) I can do that as late as tomorrow!

So, what do you need to bridge over? Have you explored what questions your inner self has to ask? Often, concentrating on what you need to know, rather than having a specific question, you’ll get the answers you need! I’ve been working on a few business things this week and I’m being made to think, my brain hurts as a result! And that’s good!

If you’d like to find the answers within, you can seek my help here! Helping someone find their answers, makes me happy too!
The Bridge – Three of Vessels

I’ve used The Wildwood tarot here, drawn by Will Worthington and created by Mark Ryan & John Matthews.

Wildwood : All You Need Is… Dedication

Dedication is what you need, so Roy Castle sang. Does it apply via the Tarot? Oh yes, it certainly does!

Nine of Arrows

It’s great when things are shiny and new, you get to throw yourself right at it! But after so many years of reading the Tarot(or perhaps doing the same thing), how do you keep your focus? One great way I’ve found, is to attend conferences and Meet Ups. Conferences cost a little more to attend, so I choose those with more financial care than the Meet Ups.

The Meet Ups, (I help run), are a great way to enforce the dedication month in, month out. Sometimes, I feel I should personal readings more often, but if I wanted to know the entire path before me, I’d live in the Tarot, not in life! And with three kids around my ankles and waist, I have no choice but to live in life itself!

So, what can you do to keep the dedication alive? The book (or app) says this is the meaning of the card: “The spiritual warrior dedicates their arrows of inspiration by playing the bow as an instrument of summoning. The inner oath helps keep one on a balanced footing by dedicating stills to a greater good”

What does that mean, in plain English? To me, this is about making yourself a promise and sticking to it. Every new thing that comes up, you check it against that promise. You summon or invest in things, times & events that relate to that promise, that help make it grow and become reality. You measure everything up to that self-made promise. That, to me, is what dedication is.

Dedication incorporates self-discipline, sincerity and sheer hard work.  We teach our young ones by example. Sometimes, we don’t always get to lead by brilliant examples all the time, we’re all human (not a T-800) we all make mistakes. “Dedicate yourself to the task of preserving the land and be a part of making the difference”

Thanks for dropping by!
These ramblings are my own, but the deck is (c) by Will Worthington, John Matthews, Mark Ryan and the images are used with permission.

Wildwood : Dodging Them Tricky Hurdles

This week, I feel there’s a lot of dodging to be done, some hurdles to jump and basically, sharp pointy things to avoid.

Life I think, is an obstacle course. Only, it’s not a straight line, you don’t know what obstacles are coming or what you’re supposed to do with them. Keep a bean bag on your head? My five-year old can do that. Jump like a kangaroo for 10 meters? Yep, he won that race, because they’d practised and he knew what to do.

Five of Arrows

Life isn’t a rehearsal, it’s not something you can practice, like the sack race. We have to do the best we can at the time, hope we’ve dodged the necessary arrows and bullets. This feeling of flying through the air, for me, shows up in this card.

The goat is dodging the arrows, somehow. Either the archer isn’t very good, or the goat just has an advantage of moving fast! He could also be restless, unable to sit still and stick out a project. Or avoid a few crocodile pits and get the job done.

The questions this coming week, are varied.

What do you wish to avoid? What Do you need to avoid? Whom do you need to avoid? What situations require that you actually just jump over them and not engage? What will you be setting your sights on? I ask that, because that goat is focused on getting to the other side, jumping to safety. He’s not just jumping through the air for fun: or is he? Those arrows declare that he’s not, but this goat might be an adrenaline junkie! (How mad is that thought??)

I’ve got all the adrenaline I need, dodging the life my self-made minions throw at me! I love them all dearly, don’t get me wrong, but the amount of arrows they can throw at me!! Sheesh, I do feel like I’m jumping through hoops, or dancing over arrows that are aimed at tripping up mum! Perhaps I ought to turn them around? Hmm… interesting thoughts!

This week, I’ve used the Wildwood Tarot and if you’d like your own personal reading, you can book yours here.

Wildwood : Recuperating

The Wildwood isn’t telling me its time for recuperating this week, I’m telling the Wildwood, I have to.

The first day back to school for my boys and I take ill with aches, shivers and cold. This morning, I could barely stand up, let alone take the boys to school! But with some cold and flu drugs being absorbed into my system, I fought my way through and did what all sturdy mums do: Carry on regardless!

Four of Stones

However, when the chance arose, I did nap, despite the ill-timed interruptions from the concerned neighbour next door and soon, I’ll be heading to bed, drugged up and hopefully, to sleep properly so I can heal.

It made me think of this card, and whilst this card doesn’t have the wood burning stove going at full pelt, this little deer is doing exactly what I need to do: which is protect one self.

Sometimes, the need of the one out-weighs the needs of the many.

So with this little post, I bid you good health, hope you don’t catch the lurgy from reading my post (thankfully, I know it’s not possible!) and hope to catch up with you next week. I need to be better for Thursday for the Meetup, you see. Trying to lead a group when you’re suffering with aches and shivers, isn’t wise.

I know I’m also very late with the Ostara newsletter, so I’ve chosen to leave that behind. I’ve started drafting Beltane’s, so keep your eyes peeled on your in-boxes come May 1st and if you haven’t signed up, why on earth not? Go on, it’s free (and we all like free things) and I’ll even try to be humorous! (Yeah, I know, not my style, but still, one can try 😛 )

Be safe, until I post again with The Wildwood!

Wildwood : Take A Break

It’s school half-term here in the UK and I don’t know about any other parents, but can we parents have a break and send them back, please?

Well, no, not really. I don’t want to send them back to school just yet. I actually want to spend time with the off-spring. I want to share some creative things and time with them, I want to sit down and watch Guardians of the Galaxy with them under a duvet, eating popcorn whilst the toddler naps (she won’t sit still and watch it and I suspect the 5-year-old will struggle too!)

Four of Arrows

But they also need some mornings when things don’t have to be done at 80 mph, ready by this time, shoes on by this, lunches mostly prepared the evening before. They need the break but frankly, so do us parents! Everyone’s idea of a break is different, even the Tarot has a card for that.

That card, is the Four of Arrows. A time to mentally take a break. Arrows is like Swords in the standard RWS, so this represents a time to just mentally, disengage, switch off and rest.

How often do we want to just switch off the motorway of our brains when we’re trying to sleep. Our minds go at 200 miles an hour just when we don’t want them to.

It’s important to take a mental break from things regularly, but we forget that we’re not meant to be plugged in, Matrix style, all the time. We’re so plugged in now with smart phones, tablets, laptops, we just forget. Then we wonder why on earth we have issues when we’re burnt out. Or why others are burnt out.

So, this week, I’m going to enjoy (I hope!) my time at home with the three kids. We’re going to take a break, be a family, laugh, enjoy being together. Yes, we’ll probably argue (kids will lose 😉 ) and there might be some banning of electronic gadgets. But I am determined we’re going to rest. At least, sometimes!

I’ve used the Wildwood Tarot (here) by Mark Ryan, John Matthews & illustrated by Will Worthington.

3rd June ~ Wildwood : Catch My Tail

It seems all I am doing at the moment, it trying to catch my tail. If I were a dog, I’d be dizzy. Actually, I’m dizzy most of the time anyway, running here, there, everywhere, doing this and that for one member of my family. Can the Tarot help or advise me how to slow down?

I’m sure it’s June, but the weather has other ideas. Life, however, carries on at break-neck speed and I’m sure I need to catch my tail. I’m not sure what for though, but I am sure I need to! So, I pulled three Tarot cards to advise me on how to deal with this feeling of never-ending-dizziness.

Ten of Vessels Happiness
Ten of Vessels

The first card up was the Ten of Vessels, with its keyword of Happiness. Be happy in the moment! I enjoyed a little dance with my baby girl today, Jimmy Somerville & Mighty Real came on the iPod. I got dancing in the kitchen, doing the chores, the baby started dancing in her high chair whilst trying to eat her lunch. It was so carefree, it was great! We then had a dance to Dire Straights, The Bug. So, be happy no matter what you’re doing. Okay, Jimmy dancing in front of a big screen that shows planet Earth is rather metaphorical, but if dancing makes you happy, dance like you are on Top of the World.

LethargyThe next card up was the Four of Vessels. Bored? Well, with the break-neck speed of life at the moment, I really need to learn to catch my tail quicker, but don’t get bored! If you do, you’re in a rut and it takes an age to get yourself out of it. Well, it does with me and I’m pretty sure it is the same for a fair few folks too! So, if you’re bored, what do you?

Ace of Bows
Ace of Bows

You jump along to the next card and light a fire under yourself and find that spark of life again! The last card up is the Ace of Bows, with the key phrase, Spark of Life. I grew up listening to quite an eclectic mix of Country & Western (as it was then called) and heavy(ish) metal / soft rock, so I often had Deep Purple, John Denver, Rainbow and goodness knows who else blaring out from my father’s HMV music system when I came home from school in Scotland. What a greeting to come to, a house full of music!

I grew up with music and the first song I ever remember singing to someone outside of the family, was one of John Denver’s tracks (featuring Emmy-Lou Harris): Wild Montana Skies. I love the words in this song, I love the sentiment behind it. Please do listen if you can, this is what to me, the Spark of Life is about. The hopes and wishes for a son you’ll never see grow to a man, the wishes and hopes for yourself. The finding of your own way back home in this sometimes huge and sometimes, small World.  I am lucky, I’ll get to see my children grow, at least for as long as the Goddess allows me to be on this Earth, but if you want a fire under you,  light yourself some motivation.

I’ve used The Wildwood Tarot for this post. I trust you’ll find a way to enjoy the songs I’ve picked and that you’re not stuck in a rut. Right, best I be off to catch my tail. My bottom is getting hot!