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Wildwood : Samhain Tarot Spread

As promised from my Tarot Blog Hop Post, here’s The Wildwood advising me for the coming year, using the Samhain Tarot spread. This Samhain Tarot Spread comes courtesy of Theresa Mills in the Wildwood Tarot Study Group on Facebook and the Aeclectic Tarot site. As a quick reminder, here’s the spread from my Blog Hop. […]

Wildwood : The Hearthfire ~ Attitudes with Thoughts

Thoughts and attitudes join us in combination with The Hearthfire. We’re reminded us to join in and celebrate, which can help address thoughts towards others. Quite often of late, we’ve had the Tarot and the Camelot Oracle say, give, give, give. This week, with Pelles, we’ve been reminded to replenish our thoughts, our inner-selves and […]

Wildwood : Skills to Change

This week’s Tarot card reading comes from the Stones suit of The Wildwood Tarot, with the keyword of “skills”. Combined with the context of “What we can Change”, we’re entering into an interesting time! The Eight of Stones is often about taking stock, developing and honing our skills. As the image depicts, it shows someone […]

Wildwood : A Hard Day’s Night ~ Endurance

The Wildwood’s Five of Stones comes out to join us and my immediate thought was: the night is long, we need endurance, then the Beatle’s Hard Day’s Night comes to mind, and the keyword suddenly comes into play. And endurance is certainly going to be a keyword any parent of a newborn baby will testify […]

Wildwood : Lethargy and Rest

Today the Wildwood reminds us that lethargy is sometimes good and sometimes it’s not. So, today we have the boredom card come out and join us. I’m not bored today but I am under the weather, lethargic and struggling to do things today, including sitting up or changing the baby. I am having to rely […]

Wildwood : Attraction has a Problem?

The fire flame from the Wildwood remind us to engage, reach out. Is there ever a problem with that? What does this card say to you? What do these two characters say to you? Their first spark of friendship, companionship has struck. Under what realm is the question. We all need companionship, friendship, a kindred […]

Wildwood Sparks : Ace of Bows

Sparks fly from the Ace of Bows today as it comes out to join us and I wonder if we will see any more in the next few days? It’s a Sunday, usually a day of rest, right? Not always. In my life, I have more than enough to cater and pander to, being the […]

Wildwood CotD : Nine of Bows ~ Respect

The Woodwose comes out to join us today and combined with Cundrie, today will have to be negotiated with great care & respect to others, including myself. Cundrie’s overall message this week is to be honest, but combine her with the Woodwose and today promises to be interesting! The Woodwose commands respect but he also […]

Wildwood CotD : Two of Stones ~ Challenge

A pair of boxing hares come out to suggest that today might be something of a challenge. After yesterday, this is not what I’d like to have happen! The two boxing hares depicted on the card drawn by Will Worthington aren’t two boxing male hares. It was recently discovered that this common site may actually […]

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