Wildwood Tarot Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 28

We’re on Day 28 already and the Wildwood Tarot is set to answer today’s question, which is: Does anyone you know not agree with your Tarot practices? Now, if I know them and they do object, they’ve either distanced themselves from me and they’ve not said anything, or I do not know them at all […]

Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 16

I ran out of time to post this on Friday, so it’s going out today instead. The next question from Ree at 78Keys is this: Do you ever use the Major Arcana without the Minor Arcana or vice versa? I never use part of a deck. That said, I have divided one deck that way. […]

Wildwood CotD : Seven of Cups

Today we’re joined by the Seven of Cups, which has the keyword of “mourning”. The image that comes with it, is a reminder that we cannot sit and wait for things to happen. If we want to move on, we have to get up and move, it’s not going to work if we sit around […]

Wildwood COTD : Seven of Bows

It’s a Sunday and if you think you’re going to be relaxing today, the Wildwood says: Get off your behind and clear up! Gee, thanks, Wildwood! This clearing up could be going on outdoors, indoors, upstairs, downstairs, in the attic… anywhere that is basically cluttering up your living / working space and needs clearing out […]

Wildwood COTD : Seven of Arrows

Thursday’s card has not far to go, even if Thursdays’ child does! Given that the card for today is the Seven of Arrows, you can see from the image that she is not really going anywhere. I can’t figure out if she’s acting the part of the damsel in distress, or if she’s genuinely really […]

Wildwood COTD : Seven of Arrows

Today, on Good Friday, we have the Seven of Arrows come out and join us. This shows a lady that might be seen as acting like a drama queen. She has seven arrows flying at her. Do they all hit  her? This card carries the key word of: Insecurity. Looking at the image very carefully […]

Wildwood COTD : Seven of Bows

Today we have the Seven of Bows come out and join us. I love this card, it’s always a good card for clearing out and tidying up and boy, do I so need to do that today. As you can see from the image, there are new bows and an old bow, something from which […]

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