Wildwood CotD : Two of Vesssels ~ Attraction

The CotD for today is the Two of Vessels and its keyword is attraction. Attraction to what and whom, I wonder? This card is from the Suit of Vessels within the Tarot. There are Four suits in this deck (Vessels, Arrows, Rods and Stones) and we have the second card that link to our emotions, […]

Green Man Tree Oracle: Ivy ~ Gort

Green Man Wisdom ~ Strength comes from accepting support This week comes the penultimate card in our look at this fantastic Oracle deck: it’s the Ivy, with the Ogham name of Gort.  The wise words of the Green Man about this plant is rather apt. Ivy uses, needs and provides support throughout its life and […]

Green Man Tree Oracle: Holly ~ Tinne

Green Man Wisdom ~ Energy fuels every action This week we have the ever green Holly come and join us. I learn from reading this that Holly burns the hottest of all the woods, creating a passionate fire. Fires can be created for all sorts of reasons. There’s the physical for heat, warmth, food. The […]

Green Man Tree Oracle: Alder ~ Fearn

Green Man Wisdom ~ Defence keeps clear the territory This week, the tree for protection and defence come out to join us. It’s assigned to the fourth month in the Celtic Tree Calendar (March 18th – April 14th) and comes to us not a moment too soon, judging by some of the stuff I’m hearing […]

Green Man Tree Oracle : Willow ~ Saille

Green Man Wisdom: From harmony comes inspiration I’ve not pulled a Green Man Tree Oracle for a few weeks, I’m sorry! But this week, I feel the need to and we have the Willow to come and greet us. And the wisdom straight from this tree is rather remarkable. The first piece if information I […]

Green Man Tree Oracle : Gorse ~ Onn

Green Man Wisdom : Fertility wakes a fire in the mind I often associate Gorse with the Scottish Highlands. I recall camping up there one spring and seeing the lowlands just covered in the yellow golden gorse. I had been away for a long time and had totally forgotten what gorse in flower looked like. […]

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