15th May : Wildwood’s Advise from The Pathway

It’s been a wee while since I posted to the blog. Like everything else, life gets on top of you and things go ca-ca for a while. Hopefully, I’m back on top again with the help from The Wildwood and The Pathway Spread. To come back gently into the Wildwood’s therapeutic pools of knowledge, wisdom […]

Wildwood : Weekend vLog & Decisions

The weekend is nigh and I slide under the barrier for posting any cards beyond the Blog Hop this week as if I were scoring in a rounders / baseball game. There’s a decision to be made but how swiftly do I make this said, decision? The vLog will do most of the talking, but […]

Wildwood : Injustice Comes from an Outside Influence

This week we’re reminded about injustice within our personal world and within The Wildwood. Have you made a decision? A few times recently I’ve heard this phrase (or something pretty darned close to it): not making a decision is also a decision, often the wrong one. As the Two of Arrows joins us today, could […]

Wildwood : Attraction has a Problem?

The fire flame from the Wildwood remind us to engage, reach out. Is there ever a problem with that? What does this card say to you? What do these two characters say to you? Their first spark of friendship, companionship has struck. Under what realm is the question. We all need companionship, friendship, a kindred […]

Wildwood : The Decision Lesson

Life is a lesson, there is however no dress rehearsal, this is the exam to beat all exams and a decision is to be made. So what’s the lesson? It’s Sunday and The Wildwood likes to throw down a gauntlet! Combined with the context from 1000 Spreads, we have a better insight into what the […]

Wildwood CotD : Two of Stones ~ Challenge

A pair of boxing hares come out to suggest that today might be something of a challenge. After yesterday, this is not what I’d like to have happen! The two boxing hares depicted on the card drawn by Will Worthington aren’t two boxing male hares. It was recently discovered that this common site may actually […]

Wildwood Answers: The 30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Day 3

Today, question 3 from the 30 Day Tarot Challenge at 78 Keys is this: Do you have more than one deck that you use, and, if so, do you have a favourite? If not, why do you like the deck you have chosen? Do I have more than one deck? Yes, I do. How many? […]

Wildwood CotD : Two of Arrows

The card for “Injustice” comes out to play today and boy, have her arrows pierced their mark or what?! I am livid at the injustice people do, thinking it is okay to act certain ways. And it is not, but once bitten, twice shy. Shy? No… but think I’ll go plait fog, it’ll be easier. […]

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