I like to believe that I offer an insight, or a helpful word in resolving the internal conflicts many of us go through at different stages of our journeys through this life.
If you would like to share a thought or comment on the experience we travelled together with the cards, that’ll be great!
I would love it if you felt that you could share your experience of our time together, with others.

The first names are published with permission.

What I appreciated most about the reading was Louise’s openness in describing the methods, and willingness to answer the many questions I asked about why things were done in a certain way in how she placed the cards.That kind of openness lends itself to honest conversations, in contrast to someone who might jealously guard their secrets. What I would say to any tarot skeptics who are reading, if you’re intellectually curious, you would probably find a reading with Louise interesting in any circumstance. Treat it as you would if you were spending time with any expert, be it the Pope or Celine Dion, by asking what it’s like, and how things work. Insight and learning can often come from unexpected sources.
I would like to say thank you for my reading at Yvonne & Pete's wedding. It answered a lot of questions for me, which I needed.
I thought that the reading you did for me was excellent. It was uplifting, full of hope & has given me the enthusiasm to make the changes I've been dreaming about. Thank you!
Thanks for the fab reading today!
So I've just had my #tarotcards read by Louise Underhill.... wow .... She has literally given me the tools I needed to make a few decisions and considering everything that's Been happening lately the reassurance and guidance has given me what I need to bring in the new year! Any one wanting a helping hand with guidance for the new year I recommend her highly!!!!
Guinevere ~ Mediation
Thank you for an insightful reading last week Louise, accurate and detailed it definitely confirmed my thoughts. The clarity gained from a talented reader of the cards is a wonderful thing. You really understood the spread before us and asked the right questions. I wouldn't hesitate in booking another reading when the need arises. Thank you 🦇
I took your advise about taking care with paper work! Thank you. Looking forward to the next session! x
I love your poetic way with words. And for the record, I am very happy with my decision. Your reading made perfect sense to me.
Very insightful, highlighted a few things that I need to do. Thank you very much!
spring / Imbolc spread
As always, amazingly accurate and very much food for thought. Thank you Louise!
Wow! That was fantastic & appropriate. Thank you so much!
Fantastic reading, really helpful, thanks very much!!
Feedback from the girls... loved their readings! Said you were warm, funny and sweet. Very insightful. More like a therapist than a Tarot Reader, which is a good thing! They loved you & the help you gave.
Brianna & Sara
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