Welcome to my testimonials page!

It is always nice to know that you’ve done a good job. I for one am sometimes afraid to ask for opinions and a testimonial to be used on the website, but when I have asked, this is what I have been told. It is also nice to know what others think of me before you buy a reading from me.

Thank you so much for such an interesting and accurate readings. I was very surprised with what the Tarot cards showed. You have given me confidence and hope for a resolution to my current situation. Thank you once again, I'm very impressed.

Thank you very very much for my reading. Extremely interesting and lots of food for thought. Made lots of sense given my current situation. I will carry my reading with me to reflect on in the future.

Thank you so much for the reading - this is quite amazing! This has made much sense. I will definitely keep it in my mind for my future (near future) life. It has been very inspirational and reassuring! A lot to think about. Thank you.

Thank you Louise. Very thought provoking reading, which confirmed what I knew deep down I should be doing. Some of the reading is already in motion. Watch this space!

Thank you so much for my Tarot reading that You sent to me, as a Working Medium myself I do many readings everyday but I can't read for myself which I find frustrating. All Mediums are in the same situation and it is frustrating at times, hence my requesting a reading from you. I looked very closely at a good many Tarot readers and allowed my guides to assist me in choosing the right reader to go to for a reading, my guides chose you and they know best. Your reading was amazing; full of insight into my life now and in the future and you hit the nail on the head with the issues that I face now. You were right when you said that I was veering off in a different direction to the one that I would normally take as I am going down a different route to the field that I currently work in, though I'm not giving that up either just not having to rely on it so much. So thanks Louise for the insight into the future and for the guidance as I am sure it will be a great help to me.







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