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Hi & welcome! I’m Louise and I aim to provide down-to-earth readings that I hope will empower you. How do I do this? By listening to what you need answering whilst listening to the universe for the answers you’re seeking. I provide ethical readings by meeting you, email, Skype/Zoom, face to face on pretty much all subjects.

I view the future as fluctuating and changeable; therefore, I don’t feel that the Tarot predicts a fixed, unchanging future. Although the Tarot could be used as a fortune-telling device, it won’t provide you with winning national lottery numbers. Believe me, if it could do that, you’d only find Tarot readers on an island in the Caribbean!!

Fortune Telling

Many things can change once you’ve asked the Tarot a question that I feel it’s impossible for it to solidly “predict” or “fortune-tell”: I believe that the Tarot can show you a number of possibilities and if you don’t like one possibility, you can usually change it.

I interpret the cards based on the symbols, intuition and meanings associated with them. I use the cards to help you understand where you’re at and what may help you in the next few steps, as well as maybe a few things you may wish to avoid doing. If any other messages come through for you, I’ll convey them to you as well.


Like advice from friends and family; I would treat anything within a reading as advice. You can take it or leave it or interpret it any way you feel is right. My interpretations aren’t the only ones that are available, nor are they a substitute for medical, psychological, legal or financial advice. My Tarot readings are not legally binding. I offer my Tarot readings as entertainment.

I am an Endorsed Reader of the Tarot Association of the British Isles and I’ve been reading and working with the Tarot, pendulums and Oracles for over a decade.

3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. This has been so helpful in working with my Wildwood deck. Thank you! I hope this site is still active.

  2. I love the Wildwood Tarot and it’s Celtic Powers and Beliefs! I will enjoy the experience of learning more about how to read the Celtic signs and beliefs.

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